Section on Perception, Cognition & Action, June 2022. l-r: Stuart Duffied, Ashay (guest), Bevil, Felix Bartsch, Audrey Chang, Spencer Loggia, Shriya Awasthi, Danny Garside, Alexis Green, Hannah Selwyn, Marianne Duyck, Nora Sachse

Welcome to the Lab!

We are the Section on Perception, Cognition, and Action at the Laboratory of Sensorimotor Research, within the National Eye Institute.

Our research uses a range of tools including psychophysical testing, non-invasive brain imaging (MEG, MRI), and micro-electrode recording, to understand how sense data become perceptions and thoughts. The lab as been especially invested in developing color as a model system, because color transcends scales, from physical (wavelength), to perceptual (hues) and cognitive (categories and memories and emotions). We strongly believe that a team comprising people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives enriches the quality of work we do.